What Makes a Great Children’s Picture Book?

What Makes a Great Children's Picture Book? In my life, I have always been in love with children's picture books. Beginning at a young age, I, like many other children around the world was attracted to a book because of the pictures. The text being read to me by my parents or someone in my … Continue reading What Makes a Great Children’s Picture Book?

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Is there only 1 day to say thank you to our mothers? From the moment of conception till you take your last breath and beyond, motherhood is an everyday experience. When my first child was born, I slept with her monitor inside the crib with her. I am sure people thought I was … Continue reading Mother’s Day

My Humble Writing Beginnings

My first published piece. The other day came across the first piece I ever wrote that was published. It was a simple two sentence statement about the weather. But it caught someone’s attention enough that they wanted to print it.  I was already interested in writing; I just didn’t know the flame of seeing my … Continue reading My Humble Writing Beginnings

Sew, a Needle Pulling Thread

Everyone knows I love to read. Another hobby I love is embroidery. My grandmother was always knitting,crocheting or tatting, making lace. Both of my sisters can knit and crochet. Being the baby of the family I somehow missed those beautiful lessons. I’m the youngest of four and for some reason needle work was always difficult … Continue reading Sew, a Needle Pulling Thread

My April Writing Adventure

April Showers By Lisa Jochim Pitter patter Goes the rain, Hitting the roof and Down the drains. Soaking the ground, the sun aglow, Little buds begin to begin to grow. Tiny galoshes run through puddles, Flash, Crash, Bash, Umbrellas high and smiles wide, Splash, splash, splash! This coming up weekend I make the trek to … Continue reading My April Writing Adventure

Unusual Characters ~ When a Setting becomes a Character in your Book

Unusual Characters When the Setting becomes a Character in your Book Making a children’s picture book takes time. Like all wonderful things, if you take the time and care to really create something beautiful, a treasure will be produced. I like to describe that the making a children’s picture book is like making a blueberry … Continue reading Unusual Characters ~ When a Setting becomes a Character in your Book

Spring into Books

As March comes to an end and April shows its promise of spring, little ones get anxious to get outside and explore how the world is blooming around them. With COVID and winter we all feel a little cooped up. What better way to shake away those winter blues than to take a nature hike? … Continue reading Spring into Books

Soul Surfing

Where do you go to lose your mind? Today I’m going to write a little, read a little, make some Easter eggs and then head to the bookstore to lose my mind. Soul surfing through the isle of the bookstore, enjoying the beautiful smell of knowledge. I love the smell of books. They bring a peace … Continue reading Soul Surfing

Stolen Childhood Holocaust Survivor ~ Maurits Louis Witsema (de Wit)

Stolen Childhood Holocaust Survivor ~ Maurits Louis Witsema (de Wit)As a little girl growing up in Michigan, I loved to play outside. I had several friends who lived right on my   street and we would have the best time.  We would play baseball, kick the can, Murder in the dark (which is tag at night … Continue reading Stolen Childhood Holocaust Survivor ~ Maurits Louis Witsema (de Wit)